Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Golden Seed Grove

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le Enchanteur is in the Golden Grove, standing on the trunk of a tree, looking towards Riversleigh to see if any one is going to jump the ditch and join her in the search for the Faraway Tree.

The tree can symbolize the feminine principle, the nourishing, sheltering, protecting, supporting aspect of the Great Mother. The roots of the tree go deep within the earth, seeking nourishment.

Within Lemuria seeds are sown and ideas flourish, as accomplished and struggling writer's alike congregate. From the golden seed of the silver birch came the elegant birch that so gracefully filters the morning sun as it streams in the windows of Carnforth, the home of the Soul Food Cafe. Similarly writing germinates from seeds sown in writing workshops, from writing within the forums here at Soul Food..

This grove is for people who understand that real writing can come from the humblest of origins, that to write you need to be able to tap into deep sources for nourishment. The grove is for those who know that it is enough to bear witness, who find that writing provides a healthful release for feelings and tensions.